Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Goin to the Chapel...

...And we're gonna get married!

This past Friday, I was able to be a part of a very special day. My friend Tyler graduated from Texas A&M University. Around 12:30, we joined the new college graduate for a lunch in his honor – that little stinker turned the tables on one very lucky lady. Let me set the scene for you… (enter dream sequence music).

After lunch, friends and family were sitting around their tables catching up from the last visit and talking about upcoming Christmas plans. Tyler’s mom asks Tyler to cut the cake, and cake is served. I found Tyler and asked if I could get him a piece of cake; to which he responds, "I can’t wait. I just have to do this now."

Tyler goes on stage, turns off the projector (which is continuously running pictures of his life), turns on Crystal Eyes, a song significant to the couple. He thanks everyone for joining him for such a special day and with a veeeery shaky finger, points directly at Terra and requests her to join him for a dance on stage. Because everyone in the room knows just what is about to happen, at least half the room erupts in tears, some controlled, others – out of control. J When the song ends, Tyler twirls Terra and finishes the song on one knee, proposing the question, "Will you marry me?" [More waterworks from the audience]

It was one of the sweetest proposals to watch and be a part of. We spent the next hour congratulating the newly engaged couple, and sharing stories with Terra about all the behind-the-scenes work Tyler and his accomplices have done to make this day special.

Congratulations to the wonderful, newly engaged, soon-to-be James’ Family! Love you both!

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