Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Infinity....and Beyond!

Cullen and I decided, that on his week long vacation in the spring, he and I would do an impromptu vacation. Well, watch out Mr. President, Washington DC here we come!

I do not get to see my best friend Kelly near enough as I would like, so, we are going to make a week of it. We are going to NYC for a day.
We are going to be very touristy for the entire trip. I couldn't be more excited!!! Love you Kel. Is it time to start a count down?


  1. Aww yay!! How much fun!!! When are yall planning on going?!

  2. Fun Fun Fun!!! I am very jealous, DC is my FAVORITE place in the world! (well maybe besides Disney World!

  3. Damn are you funny, why don't I read this blog everyday? I can't wait to see each of you and could not be more excited and full of joy by you choosing to spend your vacation time with me. I love you.

    PS I will try to start reading the blog every day....