Monday, February 2, 2009

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

Cullen and my mother have a love/hate relationship for the University of Texas Longhorns. Cullen CHOOSES to despise the Longhors, (and why wouldn't he? He was raised in a home of Baylor Bears, and he played collegiate football for UNT!)
This weekend, Cullen received a gift from my mother. It is a University of Texas cotton jersey for our dogs. Oh it was so hard for him to graciously accept this fabulous gift from her. Here are two pictures of my sweet babies with their new shirt on. The shirt fit Brodie like a wet leather glove, whereas the same shirt almost swallowed Millie whole.
See, Cullen - aren't our little Longhorns just the sweetest Longhorns you've ever seen?? How can you deny them?? Thanks again, Mom. The three of us (The pups and I) truly love and appreciate your kind gift!! Love you!

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  1. That is horrible!!! I am so sad for Brodie and Millie!!! Gig'em Ags :)