Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silly Faces and Leaping Lizards!

Silly Faces: This last weekend, Cullen and I attending our dear friends, Adam and Ashley's engagement party... a couple drinks into the after party, and Ashley's face froze. literally.... Don't believe me? See exhibit 1-3:

How can you not just love that face. Adam does. I couldn't have found a better match than Adam and Ashley. They are so cute, it makes you want to throw up (it that "I love throwing up" kind of way!) I am so thankful that I have both Adam and Ashley in my life.
And Leaping Lizards! If you have ever met me... If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I am scared to death of Lizards. Lizards are defined as anything from a gecko up to an alligator! EWWWWW - I hate them all. In the past 24 hours two TERRIBLE things have happened to me regarding Lizards. Please read this blog with caution, it is horrific!
Yesterday afternoon, my friend Mariko send me this article: . http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/03/24/komodo.dragon/index.html. Basically, my worst nightmare has come true. This poor man was killed by a LIZARD. He was attacked by a 10 foot lizard/dragon... and died. Oh what a way to go. (A quick prayer: Lord, please take me in any other way...just not by a lizard attack. Amen). So, now that I am on high alert, Cullen and I are at home last night getting ready for bed. As always, the dogs go outside for a few minutes. On their way in, Millie runs through the door, and Cullen lets out a shrill. Automatically, I SCREAM, wake the dead, scream more and jump like an insane person. While it is nice for Cullen to alert me that a gecko has passed through the "No Gecko Zone", I wish he would find another way to let me know..... Well, turns out, There was no gecko - Millie had mud on her feet... Que music.
That is twice in one day I almost died vicariously by a gecko. Cheers to sleeping last night. Cheers to no geckos.

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  1. This whole time I thought you were insane to think that a lizard could kill you. I've been proven wrong...my apologies.