Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Have 2 Layers, When You Could Have 14??

One of my new found virtual loves is a blog called Bakerella! She is a baking-genius! Recently she created a 14-Layer Cake. I must say... I am not a sweets-eater, but her uncanny ability to bake makes me want to dive right through my computer screen with a bowl of ice cream and a fork!

My friend Sarah decided to give this 14-layer cake a try... and to her credit, it was delicious! It was delicious until she told me that there is over ONE POUND of sugar and 5 STICKS of butter in her super layered cake. I would like to go on record to say, I will never eat another bite f 14-layer cake as long as I live.
If you are a Kitchen Aid Kitchen Mixer owner, you know it is almost impossible to fill that bad boy to the top...turns out, if you make a 14-layer cake, it is quite simple!

While in mix-mode, Sarah's great sous chef, Russell (the very sweet hubby) floured the pans and preped for pouring.

After all the cakes baked and cooled, the Nelsons prepared for the layering and icing... (see the next two pictures)

After the final layer was laid, and iced, the outside was finished with a layer of chocolately-goodness. Ta-da! What a great looking cake, sitting so properly in it's cake domed-home.

Conveniently, Sarah was hosting family on this lovely evening.

Look at this little slice of cakey-concoction.

Done! And Enjoy! For your very own copy of this recipe, please see the great blog: Bakerella !!


  1. YEA!!!! The next time I make it, it will be less fat I promise! Just a couple boxes of cake mix and perhaps less layers. :)

  2. Wow, what a challenge! The end result looks effen delicious! And such a neat blog Bakerella! I may have to whip this up one weekend when I'm bored.