Monday, April 20, 2009

Hand Prints make a difference

As I ran on the treadmill this weekend, I flipped through my People Magazine. This week's magazine had an advertisement for the Hand Print Project. It is a project benefitting Diabetes Research.
I know more people in my life who are affected by cancer than Diabetes... So, let's flip it. I want to know, if you had ONE WORD to express your feelings about cancer, what would your "WORD" be? By writing a word on your hand expressing your feelings about cancer, and sharing the story behind it, you’ll become part of a global community that puts a human face on cancer for all the world to see.
As most know, I can not do anything in ONE WORD... so, I created my own word. My word is:
Comment below. What is YOUR word??

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  1. Kelsey Ream-SolisApril 23, 2009 at 4:33 PM

    Hey Erin! We have not talked in so long but I enjoy reading your blog occasionally. This entry really is fantastic and a great idea. I have people close to me that have cancer as well. And like you, I sat here and could not think of one word...there are too many. So I took your idea and my word is BESTRONG! I tell my mom that frequently but I also know that everyone that cancer has touched has to be strong to make it through. Thanks for the entry!