Thursday, April 2, 2009

Millie is Silly.

If you have ever met our dogs, you know that on Brodie's best day, his aptitude rivals a goldfish. His overall demeanor is laid back and simple, much like Garfield - the animated cat. He will do anything for a snack... (this is the face he makes if you ask him "Brodie, you want a snack???")
The poor dog would walk right into a bear cave if it meant making you happy, and that he would get a treat for doing so. However, he is loyal as the day is long. Nothing makes him happier than cozying up to his momma and dad and falling asleep in our laps.
Generally speaking, Millie is the polar opposite. She is wildly energetic. She has a mind of her own. She listens, she obeys always - she is everything you want in a dog. At night, she does not cuddle in our laps. Millie prefers to sit near us for a few minutes, and on her time, she will put herself to bed.

Sometimes, I get this overwhelming urge to holding one of my puppies. Since Brodie is usually already passed out on Cullen, I am out of luck (as I know Millie will have NOTHING to do with me if she is already comfortable). At the mere thought of me grabbing her, interrupting her precious 15 hours of beauty sleep, she is on the lamb...running as far away from human contact as possible. Not last night, my friends... we had a breakthrough.
Last night, I don't know of someone slipped her some of the funny juice or what...but our usual "keep-to-herself...don't-mess-with-me-while-sleeping" Millie turned to putty in my lap. I went to pick her up from next to me on the couch. I put her in my lap...and...
Nothing... nothing happened. She stayed, just as I put her. Then...
She stretched. Not too far though, just enough to scratch her eyes. And, since scratcing her eyes while on the juice, maded her worn out, she stayed, wompy, on my lap.
Eventually, she slumped into an even deeper sleep, causing her to end like this:

And that is the story of my little girl. For the first time in her life, her aptitude rivaled her brothers. Oh, Millie, you have come so far to drop so low. Snap back - and lay of the juice.


  1. You're funny. Millie's funny. Even Brodie's funny.

    I love that you're a cliche machine. Your little jingles make me laugh.