Monday, April 6, 2009

There's No Crying In Baseball!

This weekend, Cullen and I joined my family at the first baseball game of Brittany and Hayden's 2009 series...or life. Brittany is old enough for co-ed coach pitch. She took the mound, and started the game as the pitcher and ended the game in the outfield, playing center field. She was great. She hit the ball, ran hard, made it home all without her hat on, "because I'm not really feeling like wearing a hat today." So, like a good aunt, I put it on my head, and sat back in the stands.
After the game, she got her team snacks (which Hayden and Brittany both say is the best part of the game!) and we wisked off to Hayden's game!

Tee-ball could lightly be described as Chaos. As the innings dragged on, more parents joined the field to direct traffic (from home to first, first to second, second to third..."no, no, this way. Don't chase the ball, go home! Run Home!!" from third back home). It was hysterical. Every child, (including the one who hit the ball) would chase after every ball, and divebomb into a pile. It was amazing we didn't see any blackeyes. Hayden sat patiently on the bench and waited for his turn to hit the ball... oh how cute is he:
And when he was in the field.... if someone else got to the ball before him, tears ensued. Not to worry, this wasn't just Hayden. This was every child. Oh, but it was so cute.

This does OFFICIALLY mark spring. Easter is this weekend. Baseball is in the air. Spring is here.


  1. This is SO funny! And super cute.

  2. Hahahahahahahah. Too funny. They cry when they don't get the ball. I'd cry if the ball came my way. Silly kids!