Monday, May 18, 2009

Camp Bow Wow!

This weekend is the Mills' Family Reunion in San Antonio. This is an event I look forward to every year, minus one HUGE exception.... what do we do with our dogs??!?! Who HONESTLY will watch our dogs over a vacation/long weekend??!?! I found the answer. Camp Bow Wow! My dear friend Terra told me about this great facility - a hotel for dogs. It offers climate controlled indoor/outdoor facilities for dogs. Brodie and Millie can stay in a room together. YES, a room - not a kennel. Each room is equipped with two cozy cots, a kong for their chewing pleasure, and a campfire treat! They can play for 8 hours a day... and get fed on their schedule at home (which doesn't exist at our home...they eat all day!) AND, there are Camp Cams so we can watch our dogs during the day - if we wanted. Let's get real here, I am on vacation. There will be no watching of camp cams... okay, maybe not watching - but a check or two here and there, does that really count?
Thank you to the person who created luxury boarding for fanatical dog-mothers like myself. I will report after their stay just how great it was...although I have no DOUBT it will be great.
I told Millie this morning about Camp Bow Wow and all I got was a heavy sigh, and this face:

I try to tell her, I know being with Momma would be the best - but at Camp she will get to play with dogs, and hang out all day OUTSIDE (her favorite place ever!), get treats, be treated like royalty - Camp Bow Wow is going to be so fun, Millie girl. I know you and Brodie will have a great time.

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