Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday Night Madness -

The terribly, awful, horribly addicting ABC hit show The Bachelorette is back! Jillian Harris from Canada reigns supreme this season. For those of you who do not watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and want to.... or for those who are not privvy to the great world of bachelorette-blogging, here are a couple links I regularly visit Tuesday's:

The Host Chris Harrison: http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/05/chris-harrison.html#comment-153251999
Lincee Ray's IhateGreenBeans Blog: http://www.ihategreenbeans.com/

Both will provide some great insight and laughter. Check it. Need to start from the beginning? Want to meet your potential bachelor's this go 'round? http://abc.go.com/primetime/bachelorette/index?pn=index

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