Monday, June 8, 2009

Six New Friends

About two months ago, there were two tiny birds building a nest on my front porch stoop. With all of the stress in my life (finishing school for the semester, trying to put the house on the market, overall planning of life for the next couple of months), I was quite annoyed by these silly, pesky little birds. They don't pay rent; they just hang around, like bums. BUT, they eat lizards (which is payment enough). However, no matter how cute they may/may not be, they are pooping off the stoop...right onto the front porch. If you walk into my house, you literally are stepping around the mess from these little boogers. NOT ACCEPTABLE.
After a long discussion about what to do with our new flying friends, Cullen and I decided to knock off their semi-formed nest, in hopes they would get the hint that they are unwelcome under our current situation. Sure enough, they got the hint - weeks went by, and not a single bird.
All off the sudden, we notice we have a bird back - but only one bird. (inner monologue: WHAT HAVE WE DONE??? Have we somehow, inadvertently caused the death of this birds friend/sister/brother/loved one? How would I feel if someone came and knocked my house over and inadvertently killed my loved one!?!?! (Let the guilt sink in deep......))
Well, as the saying goes... pay back is a --- well, you know the rest. We now *happily* have six NOT TWO, BUT SIX birds living on our stoop. I have become kind of fond of these little birds. Even though I dodge them when I come into the house, I often open my front door (which as a screen door also) just to watch them.
Welcome home, little ones. Now could you please stop pooping off the stoop; we could be much better friends.

** a side note, yes, I know there are only 5 birds in the picture. The other is in the corner, asleep. He/she didn't want to be bothered.

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  1. Haha! I am glad that I haven't tried to kill any of the lizards, birds, or squirrels who use my house, porch, trees for their dwelling. I couldn't deal with more of any of them.