Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Flags, More Fun.

Saturday: This past weekend, was great. After my EC-4 Content test (WHICH I PASSED!!!!), I came home, took a MUCH NEEDED nap and woke up rested. Late in the afternoon, I met with The Hamners at the pool and caught up with my sister while watching the kids in the water. **Sister time doesn't happen near enough. I always walk away feeling so good and so loved after talks with her. Britt, oh my, she is such a great swimmer (which seems only natural since she is 8. In my mind, she is still 4 years old.) And, boy that Hayden - once he gets used to the water - is just a hoot. Here a few pictures from the great afternoon!

Sunday: Courtney and the kids, TJ, Cullen and I spend a wonderful day at Six Flags. Gosh, I can not remember the last time we did something where the kids were all together. The only one missing, was my brother-in-law. Before we got to Six Flags, I asked Hayden to put sun-screen on his face. Like most 4 year olds, "He doesn't want any help! I can do it!" Eventually, he gave in, and I helped tranform him from "sun-screen beard" to perfect angel.
I also cannot remember the last time I went to Six Flags - or any amusement park for that matter. I love roller coasters, and I love Carnival food. This is like Fat-Kid Heaven. Surprisingly, I managed to drink water all day, and only share nachos with Cullen - Don't all shriek at once, there were no dippin dots, or frozen lemonades, funnel cakes or peanuts consumed! We started the afternoon off riding rides, and taking turns staying with Hayden, (who still is too small for rides). As a group of us would ride a ride, the leftover adult would ride with Hayden on a small ride. My favorite image from the day: Cullen stays back with Hayden AND Brittany. Hayden wants to ride the "Fruit Bowl" (which is equivalent to the Pool Balls, (You know, the carnival ride that is enclosed - you sit inside and spin the wheel to turn faster, while the ride spins on the outside.) Now, exchange the pool balls for various fruits, and cut the size of the actual fruit you sit in, in half. Add Hayden and Brittany AND Cullen. What do you get??? Two hyper children and a tall man, curled up like a fetus inside of an apple, spinning. HAHAHAHA! One of the other rides we went on for Hayden, was the Merry-Go-Rounds. Courtney, Hayden and I sat on horses...which Hayden named. On the first ride, Hayden's horse's name was "Cowboy". On the second ride, his horse's name was "Geppetto" as in: Geppetto, the Disney fictional character, father to Pinocchio. Please take a very close look at this child's face. What a cute little stinker!
After our horse riding, we walked over to "The Boardwalk", where we got caught by a train. Doesn't Cullen look like such a natural!? Once at The Boardwalk, We went on a few big kid rides - which left Hayden out. (Of course.) The first ride is one of my favorites...although I can not think of it's name.
---Let's stop there and visit a side subject. This trip to Six Flags proved to be a struggle with heights... We had to figure out what to do with Hayden at each stop for being too little. However, did you ever think we would have to figure out what to do if your rider is TOO TALL??? What in the good world is that about? Luckily, they let him ride...but, my sweet little brother is TOO TALL! It says so, in writing: We sat and prepared for the ride for a while. As someone who loves roller coasters, I would like to note, I love to get on and get off roller coasters, not wating ON the ride. There is no thinking involved. The second I have to think about it, I get less excited - and, enter this ride. Being that it is one of my favorites, I was SLLLIGHTLY more patient than usual, but not much.
...and while we waited for the ride, Hayden and Brittany had a photo shoot with their Momma. I have many pictures in a row on the camera. However, this one is by far my favorite:
Yes, that is Hayden taking a picture, of his mom, taking a picture!
As it became hotter and hotter, we found ourselves wanting to be in the water faster and faster. Indeed, we did just that. We ended our day at the water park attached to Six Flags. We played in the lazy river for quite some time, and called it a day.

Six Flags was so fun - for so many reasons. It reminded me how fun it is to be a kid, how fun it is to be with family, and the importance of making time for things that do not involve work, school or stress! Love you all. Thanks for the great day!

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