Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Apple A Day...

It's official!! I am sitting in my new decorated classroom (which has colors on the wall, posters up, calendars together, a circle time, a kitchen) WITH NO KIDS.

Tonight is Meet the Teacher night. Tonight is the night I YEARNED for as a child. I vividly remember riding my bicycle up to school once a week (if not more often as we got closer to school) just waiting for the school to post our class rosters on the doors.

Now, the roles have reversed, I am sitting in my classroom, peering out the windows, wondering where my students are. Gee, it seems as though I am in 20 year predicament.

I am so excited for school to start. This week has been so long. We have had all day in-services, followed by countless hours in our classroom, followed by going home to start your personal life - which in my case means cook dinner and love on my family. So, not a tough night life.

I hope those of you that have children, had a great "Meet the Teacher night".

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