Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Wicked.

This weekend was amazing - In fact, one of my favorite in quite some time. It started with dinner and a movie. We saw Inglorious Basterds. (a side note: If you like bloody, violence filled Quentin Tarantino films, JACKPOT. If you HATE violence, are lightheaded at the first sight of blood...choose something else. The movie itself was great. The dialogue was superb. However - wow.)

Saturday, I attended the JSL Grand Opening of the Long Branch Spray Park in Killeen, shopped till I dropped, napped (from all the shopping), then went to a unbelievable dinner at Flemings (side note #2: If you remember, I gave Flemings TWO HUGE THUMBS UP the last time I went for dinner.) followed by an excellent show of Wicked. Today, Cullen and I spent the whole day cleaning and really moving into our house. Finally. Phew.

Tomorrow, school starts. Just like riding a bike, I feel right back into the "night before school" routine. My lunch is packed, bags are packed, took a shower tonight instead of in the morning...and I am one alarm clock and a bowl of cereal away from my first day of school...again.


  1. Wicked is SO GOOD! I'm glad you loved it. I hope school is fabulous- we miss you still :)

  2. We saw Wicked too! So good! Hope your first day was excellent! :)

  3. good luck today! you'll do great. i agree about the movie too, i enjoyed it and it was well done, but i wanted to take a shower after i watched it. bleh.