Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Peanut -

This is a way overdue post. I went to my first pre-natal appointment last Wednesday. (If you need a good laugh, ask Cullen the next time you see him about his interpretation of a woman's appointment. He didn't quite realize how "invasive" lady doctor visits can be) :)

I was so nervous all day. Although I had my pregnancy already confirmed by my doctor, it was completely unnerving to wait all day for my 3:30 appointment. Cullen and I arrived at the appointment, filled out SO MUCH PAPERWORK, and we met our doctor. I must say, I love her. I feel like I am going to be a very well taken care of pregnant lady - all the way through labor and delivery.

After a thorough physical from the doctor, she introduced us to our sweet little baby. Peanut is so perfect. I was right at 9 weeks at our doctor's appointment, and to my total shock, we could see the baby wiggle all around. I somewhat expected to see a black sac and a tiny white dot. (My dear friend Brittany is having a baby in March; we went to visit UNT two weekends ago, and asked her about her first sonogram. She showed us a picture of what her husband describes as a "grub worm". Since I am completely new to the sonogram thing, this is what I was expecting.) Instead, I got to see a head, a body, four limbs (nubs really), and a strong, fast heartbeat. I cried and cried and cried.

Oh, it was so magical. It was perfect. Without further ado... Here is our first picture of Peanut. (Call for an explanation... apparently very few can decipher through sonogram pictures! :) )

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