Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, The Honeymoon Isn't Over!

Last night, Cullen and I attended the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce annual banquet. We had great seats, surrounded be great company. Although I wasn't feeling great (I think working in a school has started to take a toll on the ol' immune system), I ponied up and put on a happy face.

One couple at our table were retired Army. We met, had small talk and ate our dinner. About half way through dinner, the wife looks at us and said, " I can't help but be nosey. You two seem like newlyweds. Are you?"

WHAT A COMPLIMENT. No we are NOT newlyweds. In fact, we just celebrated our two year anniversary last month... but, it made my day. IT MADE MY DAY.

Thank you nice lady, for thinking we look like we are so in love still. Thank you Husband for loving me like you do.

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