Friday, October 9, 2009

We Peeped - We told our Parents.

We told my parents the news last weekend. We went home to tell my parents in person, and it was excellent. It was everything I had ever dreamed of when I dreamed of telling my parents.

Last night, we told Cullen's parents. It too was equally as perfect - in a completely different way. I was excited to tell my parents because it is MY first baby, but it isn't their first grand baby. (While I recognize I am their favorite child, it is hard to compete with Hayden and Brittany's adorable personalities.) I was excited to tell Cullen's parents because it is their first grand baby. We framed a baby invitation and got two onsies (One says: "What happens at grandmas, stays at grandmas." The other says: "I'm nuts about grandpa," It has a squirrel holding an acorn.)

When they opened their gift, it took about 3 seconds for them to look at us, and react. We all got a little teary. It was simply perfect. Peanut was the topic of conversation for dinner.

I am so excited for Nana and Papa (my parents) and Grandma and Grandpa Shot (Cullen's parents) to meet their sweet new little addition...only 7 more months. :)

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