Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby's First Thanksgiving

Dear Peanut -

Your FIRST Thanksgiving is two days away and I am so *thankful* to be your mommy already. I am thankful that God trusts me to grow and raise you in our family.

However, one thing I am NOT thankful for is the LACK of a belly bump. You are so sweet to stay as tucked away in my tummy - but, I am very ready for you to be loud and proud and poking out of my belly.

Love, Your Mommy.

In September, when I found out we were pregnant, I thought about how wonderful Thanksgiving is going to be with my protruding little bump. Everyone (who wants) could rub my tummy like Buddha for good luck. The reality of the situation - everyone has to wait for Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving little baby. Happy Thanksgiving world!!

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