Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Trimester Down...Two To Go!

This week pushed me into my second trimester! (YAY!) Pregnant women have given me a ton of advise, wisdom and other tid-bits through my (so far) short and easy pregnancy. One of the most common tid-bits is that my feeling tired and exhausted will subside in the second trimester. Turns out, they are right. Since I found out we were expecting a sweet little bundle of joy, I have napped through my afternoons. I come home from school, fall asleep on the couch in the same spot, cuddled up with the dogs. I wake up long enough to cook Cullen dinner....then it is back of to sleepy land. All of the sudden this week - there was no desire to nap. It has been fabulous. I feel like I have my freedom back! :)

Now, if I could just get this bladder under control...

In other news, Cullen and I have another baby appointment this week! I am so excited, nervous, excited, back to nervous. :) I'll let you know.

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  1. I can say I REALLY loved the 2nd trimester, but now that I am just about in my 3rd and getting very large, it is not quite as fun. (Back pain, can't bend over, etc.) Yay - I am so excited for you!