Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up...{This Will Be A Long One!}

There is so much to catch up on! So much!! Christmas was so delightful this year. I feel like we had a week FULL of events. It was filled with friends and merriment, family and reminiscing.

Cullen and I kicked off the season with decorating our tree. Of course, the pups helped...

While decorating the tree, Brodie decided he needed a little attention - so, he jumped on Cullen and they had a daddy/dog moment...

And, the final product:

Saturday, December 19th, I picked up an early Christmas present for my daddy. {Side Note: Each year, someone gets a HUGE surprise... this year, my dad was the big winner.} Cullen and I had the privilege of keeping Miss. Edna Louise for a week leading up to Christmas before she was taken to her permanent home. That night, we joined Billy, Carol, Courtney and Natalie for the Mills' Family Christmas. It was such a fun Christmas AND we got some great things. One of my favorite gifts: An ice cream maker and ice cream recipe book. I am so excited for Summer (or a hot day in Spring!) to make some homemade ice cream.

My best friend came to town December 23rd.

We toured Killeen, visited Cullen at work and just caught up {something we do quite well!} That night, Kelly unselfishly let Cullen and I do our Christmas Exchange. I gave Cullen a Kindle, a gift card and a few little things. He gave me the MOST beautiful Sapphire and Diamond ring:

A tempurpedic matress, and a few little things! CAN YOU SAY BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!??!?! Here are some pictures from Cullen's and my gift exchange: (thanks Kel for being our Photographer!)

Christmas Eve, Cullen and I drove to Austin to join my dad's extended family for Christmas. It was great to catch up with everyone... but it was a quick night. I was asleep by 11:30 (which was great - except I woke up at 5:30 excitedly awaiting Santa's arrival.) I managed to fall back asleep until 7:15 when I just couldn't stand it anymore!! I got out of bed and waited for the rest of the family!!

Christmas morning is always so special for my family. My mom spends a month shopping and preparing to give her family the best Christmas. She always out does herself and we are ALWAYS exhausted after opening gifts. Look at the massive pile of gift wrap and boxes:

Here are a few other shots from Christmas Morning:

I sincerely hope your Christmas day...or week was as Blessed as ours. Merry Christmas to your family and a VERY Happy New Year!!


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