Sunday, December 27, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is....a Belly?

Christmas 2009 was incredible!! Peanut was so blessed with sweet stuffed animals, plush pillows, and sweet little picture frames (one of which brought me to tears!).

I sat on Santa's lap and asked him for Peanut to make his/her grand entrance into the world {via: a cute little belly}. Guess What? I was on the "good" list this year, because Santa filled my list. I have a tiny, unmistakable little baby bump. THANK YOU SANTA!

One of the running statements this year was, "Next year, Christmas is going to be very different!" So true. This year's Christmas was just outstanding. I don't know how it can be topped...I guess we have a year to wait and see. :)

Speaking of "wait and see"... T-minus EIGHT days until we find out what the gender of little Peanut is. I AM SO EXCITED, and slightly surprised that this last month has gone by so quick. At our November 15th appointment, I remember them telling me we would have to wait until January 4th to find out the sex of the baby. JANUARY 4TH??!?!?! That is light years away from now. Turns out, it is just around the corner.

Our moms are coming with us to the big appointment. I am so excited to share such a special moment with Cullen and our Mom's! Turns out, you are never too old to want your Mommy with you for the big moments in life!

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