Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

This weekend, Cullen and I decorated the house. (Pictures will be added tonight) We had so much fun (scratch that, I had so much fun decorating the house). I would leave up Christmas lights and decorations all year long if I could. I get that from my mother, who I believe may have direct relation to Santa himself.

When we got all the decorations from the garage, I found a box that is full of carefully wrapped ornaments. Each of these ornaments has special meaning to me or me and Cullen. It is my favorite box to go through. I sat and admired each one before handing it to Cullen to put on the tree. We have an "Our First Christmas" ornament, a groom holding a bride, an ornament from my childhood, one from Cullen's grand father, and a few other ones. It reminded me again that this time of year is so much more than gifts. It is family, memories, traditions.

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