Sunday, December 13, 2009

They Happen In Threes, Right???

Doesn't the old saying go..."Bad things happen in threes???" If so, we had our last of the three last night.

A while ago, Cullen had a small accident, where he ran into the bathtub, and the tub cracked. Whoopsies. Tuesday of this week, I was in a car accident. Yep! My fault. That's number two. Last night, Cullen started a load of laundry, and the water OVER FLOWED out of the washer, out of the laundry room, INTO THE HOUSE. That was three.

While I am very annoyed by our misfortune...let's look on the bright side, cracks can be fixed, cars can be repaird - and NO ONE was injured, and the house...well, shop vacs are the best invention. We are all still here, the house is still standing, and life will go on (pending bad luck has moved out of the Mills' household.) :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! Way to have a philosophic attitude about all the bad luck. What's the deal with your car accident? No one and nothing damaged, I hope? Finally, I like your account of the "bathtub incident"...Cullen "ran into" the bathtub...haha, something like that, right? :)