Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monumental Moment!

Today was a hard day. I was on my feet way too much today...almost all day. About 1.5 inches above my left hip has been cramping. {You know that cramp that you get when you run too hard, too fast; yes, that one. The one that takes your breath away....it feels like that.} It hurt for long enough that I started to get worried. I called the 24-hour OB nurse. After explaining my symptoms and after an abundant amount of questions from her, she diagnosed the problem... a growing belly. Yep, that's it. She said it is common at this stage in pregnancy for your uterus to grow at an exponential rate. It is causing stress on my round ligaments, which is causing this pain in my side. Her prescription: a Tylenol, hot bath, and GET OFF MY FEET for the night.

After work, after the grocery store, after a phone call the nurse, after cooking dinner for Cullen, I got off my feet to eat dinner. I cringed with every swivel of my mid-section.

Just about the time I am ready to throw in the towel for the night, Noah kicks me. He kicks me so hard I smile. I grinned from ear to ear. I got up, pulled Cullen from dish duty, and I laid on the couch with Cullen's hand on my tummy....Noah stopped moving. Oh, little stinker. PLEASE MOVE FOR YOUR DADDY. Is my little boy a shy baby boy?? After a wiggle and a jiggle, I got him moving again.

Cullen felt his little boy move. Cullen felt FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, his little boy kick me. I cried. I have been waiting for this moment; patiently. I have heard it is so much more real to husbands, more enjoyable to husbands when they can feel their baby move. WELCOME TO THIS PREGNANCY, Mr. Mills.

Baby Noah has kicked regularly for the last 20 minutes. I love every little bump, kick and movement I feel.

As for that unbearable side cramp ... it is so worth it. I love you, Baby Noah.

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