Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On The Wings Of....Seattle Grace Hospital?

I have read countless articles about pregnancy dreams. I have read countless blogs that recount pregnancy dreams. They are far more vivid, colorful, sometimes sexual, but definitely worth remembering. Last night was a perfect example... {Que dream sequence music....}

I was walking through Lakeline Mall, in Austin with a girlfriend of mine, Lauren (who is married with a child in real life). I was the final contestant on The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love. However, I hadn't won yet. There would be no formal engagement ceremony. Jake was meeting me at the mall, and would sweep me off my feet.

When Jake arrived at the mall to get me, we met, running into each other's arm's only to find myself feeling guilty about being married (in real life) and wanting to drive off into the sunset with Hunky-Jake (in my dream). Yep, my conscious works in my dreams too....

About the time I mustered enough courage/stupidity to turn Jake down, and introduce him to my friend Lauren, Hunky Jake morphed into Patrick Dempsey....only with Cullen's colored hair (which is very similar to Hunky-Jake's hair color).

This new Hunky-Jake/McDreamy combo was still Hunky-Jake by name. I looked him in the eyes, and turned him down softly. Oh it hurt. It hurt in the worst way. I introduced him to my friend Lauren (whose husband ran off crying) and they hit it off right away. They drove off into the sunset - not Hunky-Jake and I.

I woke up and told Cullen all about my dream - and that he should be thankful I am faithful!

Lesson One: I am MOSTLY faithful to Cullen in my dreams.

Lesson Two: I have a TV crush on Jake the Bachelor.

Lesson Three: Apparently, I picked a good husband, because even men who are devilishly handsome on their own, morph to look more like Cullen in my dreams.

Lesson Four: I will be very sad to have pregnancy dreams end. How much better does life get, when you have to choose between Hunky-Jake, McDreamy and your own husband????


  1. I am assuming you know multiple "Laurens" since I am am not "married with a child in real life." Too funny. Only in your dreams would you have such a dilemma!

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  3. This is such a middle-school-girl dream...love it. Very cute blog entry Mrs. Mills!

  4. This cracks me up! I know how you feel. Last night I had a dream I was being very flirty (romantically involved) with McSteamy!

    And then, I had a dream that Marla Valk got all the alumni Sun Dancers together to work at Coyote Ugly, but first she had to teach us a Rangerette field routine. And I was so upset because I was the fat pregnant Sun Dancer.