Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Kicking (Is this becoming a theme?)

Baby boy sure is an active little boy. Cullen hopes with every move, he is in my tummy practicing his "three-step-drop" for football season {in several years}. Last night, I was sitting in my chair next to Cullen, watching a movie. Noah was kicking, kicking, kicking. Just for fun, I lifted up my shirt just to seeeeee if I could see Baby boy move. Just my luck, you could. You could really see my belly kick. It was so precious...and weird. I paused the movie and had Cullen come stand behind me to watch the alien move in my tummy. As predicted, he stopped. If Noah is anything in real life like he is in the womb, I am pretty sure he is going to be a momma's boy. He will just not show off for his daddy.

On a "overall pregnancy" note: I am officially 24 weeks pregnant tonight. No morning sickness, no weirdness. This has been the best 24 weeks of my life. I feel good about myself, I feel like God has blessed me with such a little miracle to raise with the man I love with all my heart. I don't know if Noah knows how lucky he is to have a model to watch as he grows up. I will instill in him how incredible his daddy is. I would consider myself a lucky woman, if in 26 years, I can look at my son's life and see a small reflection of my husband. Here is to the next 16 weeks. I hope it is as enjoyable and as perfect as the first 24 weeks have been. 4 more weeks and we are into the 3rd trimester. It is only a downhill slope from here.


  1. You'll love it when you can see an elbow or a knee move across your belly... or when you can feel the little dude when he has the hiccups... or when he decides to stick his butt in the air. :) It is so weird and sweet at the same time!

    Hope everything continues to go well for you, Erin! And I love the updates - keep them coming. :)

  2. How exciting, it's just getting better and better isn't it? I'm so glad you are feeling great and are enjoying it so much!