Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doctor Appointment Updates

Well, tomorrow marks the 6-7 week countdown. Hooray! Scary. Excited. Anxious. Nervous. Overwhelmed. Ecstatic. These are the emotions I feel daily.

I am down to two week appointments. I have one next week, and in two more weeks...THEN, it is down to one week appointments. Do you know how close that makes me to holding my little baby??!!

Here are two little pregnancy related stories: Mr. Uncomfortable Moved In.

Number 2: (Cullen will get mad I am calling him out, but....) This week, Cullen woke up early to cook me breakfast before work. This is the first time on a week day that he has done this. He did it because he remembers how nice it was when he was growing up and his mom always had breakfast ready before school. He said, with a baby one the way, he needs to get in the habit of cooking breakfast in the morning for his baby. How sweet is that??!?!

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  1. 6 weeks! You are so close now. D-day will be here before you know it...