Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mr. Uncomfortable Moved In

Let me preface this blog with, "I know I am an unusually happy, optimistic pregnant person. In fact, I hit annoyingly happy." However, this blog is not a fun one.

Mr. Uncomfortable moved in this week. It started on the way home from Denton this weekend. Between my restless legs, and my achy back, the 2.5 hour ride home was NOT fun. That is okay, I was in good company and I knew it was temporary. The rest of this week has been full of aches and pains in my back, near my pelvic bone, and generally all over. Meals are harder to eat, AND I get fuller MUCH faster because I am running out of room. Sleeping is getting increasingly more difficult. My allergies are terrible. And, to top it off, I think I am coming down with a sinus infection.

With all that said, tomorrow morning marks the 6-7 week countdown. I am so excited and so nervous. I am getting nervous about our future and how our little Peanut will change our view on life. I am so anxious to hold him in my arms.

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