Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

When I graduated from UNT, I realized I had had my last spring break ever. It was bittersweet. Everyone needs a week off in March to revitalize, and push through the end of ..... well in this case school.

Three years have passed. No Spring Breaks. My teacher friends try not to rub it in too much that they are doing NOTHING but having fun in the sun for 9 days (including weekends.) This year is very different. This year, I have a Spring Break - and it officially starts today at 3:30. I love my students. I really do. BUT, they need a break from me, and I certainly need the break from them. :)

Unlike the good ol' days, my priorities have shifted. Instead of lounging poolside, beachside or lakeside, with cute colored, umbrella affixed beverages in hand, I will be cleaning out my office and preparing for my baby's nursery. I will be washing baby clothes for his drawers. I will be taking my dogs to doctor appointments, getting them refills on heartworm and flea medicines. Wow, how life changes when you have a baby (well two furry babies and one (who-I-hope-is-not-furry) baby on the way!)!!
I also am spending a significant amount of time shopping for others over spring break. Before the baby gets here, I have 3 weddings and at least 4 showers to attend. So, let the gift buying begin!!!

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