Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Schedules

I wrote in a post a while back that my life is full of countdowns. I have milestones that help me get through exciting things that.....seem......to.....never......get.........here. I remember getting engaged. I thought that nine months of planning was perfect. Most women I know wait a year or more because of all the planning that needed to take place. I thought if I pushed everything that takes most women a year or more into 9 months, we could get the wait to seem shorter; we could get the wedding HERE. It worked. I felt like we were hardly engaged. It was the best, shortest 9 months in my life!

Pregnancy on the other hand is the LONGEST nine {scratch that...TEN} months of my life. I have always wanted to be a mommy....I have the BEST MAN EVER TO SHARE THAT WITH... and now I have to wait. The first 6 months seemed like an eternity. I was not showing, I was not sick, I was not having any symptoms of being pregnant. While I am truly thankful for such an easy pregnancy, it was hard to "feel" pregnant, which made it seem so much longer. So what did I do....set milestones. I would tell myself "get to this date, get to this event, you will be so much closer." I am to that point. I am very much showing. I am very much glowing. I LOVE being pregnant. I have weekly milestones to help pass the time.

Many of our friends are getting married or having babies. Between showers for weddings and babies, throw in a few weddings to attend, and one free weekend....our little baby will be here before I know it. As of right now, We are 10 weeks away (at max!!) from meeting our little bundle of perfection. As of right now, we have been invited to an event, or two {wedding, shower, party, benefit, etc.} every weekend until our baby arrives. It makes it seem slightly overwhelming, but, it sure will make the next 10 weeks FLY by.

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