Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Checklist....

From what I hear and from what I have read, pregnant women tend to be emotional. NOT TRUE. I refuse to believe it.

This last weekend, Cullen and I spent Saturday and Sunday getting life ready for Baby Noah. We had a checklist....

1. Put together the Crib (not the actual crib... but the bedding.)
2. Find and Buy shelves for the baby's room.
3. Put together the stroller.
3b. Make sure we read the manual so we know how to not only safely use the stroller, but also know how to properly install the car seat in the car.
4. Put diaper genie together and figure out how that works.
5. Find recliner, rocking chair, or glider for Noah's room.

Okay...that list is manageable... right?? WRONG. Let's see; We....

1. Put the bedding into the crib - realized it wasn't exactly fitting and had to make adjustments. Okay. Frustrating, but DONE.
2. Find shelves - let's come back to that one.
3. Put stroller together... DONE. Easy and done.
3b. Read stroller and car seat manual... DONE and DONE.
4. Put diaper genie together and figure out how it works... Done.
5. Find recliner, rocking chair or glider - kind of done.

We started running errands around 2:00 p.m. We went to visit several furniture stores looking at all different types of seats for Noah's room. We found NOTHING we were in love with. We recently found a white rocking chair that we LOVE - so, we wanted to do our comparisons prior to just buying it. (Look at us, being so responsible!!) We ended up buying nothing. We will get to it this weekend or next. AND, we will end up buying the rocking chair. I am excited about this. There is just something sweet and innocent about a rocking chair. Especially when it has an ever so quiet creaky noise. Makes me tired thinking about it. As nice as it was to reach this decision - it took many stores and a TON of frustration.

Shelves. OH the shelves. I knew I wanted to put shelves up in Noah's room. I wanted shelves on the walls so I could put nick-knacks on the wall. I wanted to put up picture frames that couldn't hang. AND, I still wanted space on his dressers. Prior to going shopping for shelving, I knew I wanted to go to Target, Walmart, Home Depot, or Hobby Lobby to find these shelves. It was only after we went to Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby ...then a movie because it was raining... did I find myself in absolute tears. Yes, big crocodile tears. I tried to hide them from Cullen. I tried so hard... he knows me too well.

So, maybe it is true what they say... pregnant women are emotional. I knew why I was crying. I didn't want Cullen to know why I was crying. I didn't want him to think I had completely come off my hinges. I was crying because if we didn't get shelves today, get them hung TONIGHT, we were going to have a baby with an empty room. He is going to come home from the hospital with NOTHING in his room, except cluttered dresser tops. While I realize NOW that I was being so irrational in thought, I couldn't help it then. It was all I could think of. So, Cullen (who was willing to do anything to get this basket case of a wife to calm down) suggested we go to Lowe's and see what kind of shelves they have to offer.

Thank goodness for everyone... Not only did they have shelves galore, they had the best prices of anything we had seen all day!! We bought 5 total shelves, and got all of them installed Saturday night. DONE. And, just like that, I am okay, emotionally stable and feel comfortable that Noah will be pleased with his room.

We had an extremely successful weekend. We managed to check off everything off our weekend checklist. Cullen survived his first (and hopefully only) pregnant-wife-meltdown. He was so good under the hail-storm of Erin Mills. He is such a great husband. He is going to make such a great daddy.

Now... let's revise the checklist, and get the next many things checked off. The beginning of this list looks like:

1. Pack hospital bag (which includes buying maternity bras, granny panties, chap stick, matching pajamas, shower shoes/flip flops, and a huge chocolate bar.)
2. Buy the white rocking chair that will be the perfect match to our shelves.
3. Buy newborn diapers. Right now, we have 3...

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