Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turkey's Ready

Nine months into pregnancy leaves you feeling many different emotions. Anxious. Nervous. Excited. Uncomfortable. Thrilled. Hungry....

...Speaking of hungry - the turkey is ready. My belly button, which has spent the vast majority of the last 3 months flat has finally popped. I have an outie. I wish, like a turkey, that when the knob popped out the fully cooked bird, it meant the baby is ready to be here. I'm certainly ready for him to be here. Cullen..... is ready, but has definite daddy worries.

I asked him tonight at dinner what he is most nervous about (**mentioning he couldn't answer with: A) everything, or B) Noah not picking up on how to do a 3-step drop when it is time). His answer: I am worried about not knowing how to do anything. Awee. My response: "Cullen, you are going to be a natural. And if you aren't, we'll learn how to be parents together."

I know I have said this before, but I am so excited to, not only, share becoming a parent with Cullen but BEING a parent with Cullen.



  1. Oh PS - that last comment was from Aunt Carla... :) Guess I don't know how to use technology yet...

  2. Oh girl - I wish it were that easy, too. It's been a LONG time for me, but I remember being SOOOO ready! And I just read the shelf story - so true, so true. I remember crying over a McDonald's commercial! I was even laughing at myself, but the tears just poured down my face while I was thinking "I'm losing it!". Fortunately, it does seem to go away... either that, or you are just too darn tired to care after the baby arrives :). I know you and Cullen will make great parents. It just takes love and lots of patience.