Sunday, May 30, 2010

He's a Real Boy Now.

Since I am out of work on Maternity Leave, since Cullen's job isn't fun to blog about... I guess for a while, blogs will be all about the little tot. (let's be real...that is all that is super important right now anyway.)

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend allows for out of state guests to come into town. The Parker Family flew in from Georgia, Florida and Kansas for a family reunion, and got to meet our little Buggie over at CoCo and Bedo's house. **THANK YOU PARKER FAMILY. I loved seeing you guys.**

Guess what happened when we left CoCo and Bedo's house?? We came home, changed Buggie's diaper and his umbilical cord fell off. He looks like a real little boy now!!

That has been our exciting Memorial Day weekend... hope yours is just as fun.


  1. Yay! so fun:) And I promise I'll hold him in 3 weeks:)

  2. Erin, Cullen (or Allen)...we really enjoyed seeing you guys too! Noah's a "keeper"...and looks like a Longhorn to me!!! love you, Nick & Tana

  3. Erin, Cullen, and Noah
    It was so great seeing you again. We are looking forward to seeing Noah's tux... He is going to be a heartbreaker :)

    Morgan and Colby