Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do Babies REALLY Get In The Way Of Blogging?

Prior to having my own bundle of joy, I thought those mom's who quit blogging as frequently because they just had a baby were seriously silly. (Enter thought bubble: "Really, can you be that busy??") Turns out, it is possible to be that busy. While the little Bug is sleeping, I thought I would catch up on blogging. I have quite a bit to catch up on!! For the last month, I have only been able to write down the blog titles and what I want to blog about - that is how I will lay this out. This blog will be quite a long one. Prepare yourself.

Two Week Check Up: I took the Bug for his two week check up on May 25th. Weirdest part of this whole appointment - it was two days before his actual due date. He had gained 4 ounces and 1/2 an inch in length. He felt so much bigger. Dr. R said Bug looked great. She couldn't be happier with him. Fatal Mistake on Dr. R's part: She gave me her email address. Oopsies. What doctor gives a first time mom her 24 hour a day access line?? However, I am trying my hardest to not abuse it! :) We scheduled his next check up, July 19th - his eight week appointment. So sad...he will be getting shots. BREAKS MY HEART ALREADY. I will seriously need a drink by then just to get through shots (and I am not the one getting them!)

Parenting Advice: When you become a new parent, so many people offer COUNTLESS amounts of parenting advice. MOST of it I respond with a kind smile and a thank you, later to be disregarded. However, I received a piece of advice from my daddy this week that has saved my life...Bug hasn't been eating on a good schedule. Overall he is an INCREDIBLE baby. He sleeps all day, eats every 2 hours and at night, wants to eat every 1.5 hours. These 1.5 hour feeds really started to take a major toll on my patience, sleep and overall ability to function. I talked with Dr. R (one of my minimal emails to her), and asked her how frequently my baby should be eating, to which she quickly responded, "every 3-4 hours, easily." WHAT?!? She said to figure out a way to pacify him for at least long enough to make it every two hours...then we will work up to 3 hours. I called my daddy to tell him what we were going to do - he told me when I was a baby, they would stick the SMALLEST little dab of honey on the end of my binky and I would suck on that thing no matter how hungry I am. SO, I tried it. I AM IN LOVE - as is Noah. The itty-bitty, teeny-tiniest amount gets him through another 20-30 minutes. It got us to the 2 hour mark.

That didn't change what was going on beyond the extra 30 minutes. I am still having to get up to get his binky....why isn't he able to make it for at least 3 hours?? I started to do some research. After gut instinct, and a tiny bit of research to back me up, I changed Bug's formula. Of course we tried the expensive stuff...and of course, IT WORKED! He now sleeps for every bit of 3-4 hours at a time. He isn't gassy, constipated, and is overall a MUCH happier baby. I feel like we had a SERIOUS break through.

One Month Old Baby: Can you believe it? We have a one-month old baby! A ONE-MONTH OLD BABY. I, for one, cannot believe it. He has grown so much. He has filled out so much. He looks around. He smiles....when he needs to toot. He is comfortable in my arms and loves being held by anyone. It amazes me that we have a one-month old baby. Some days it feels like we brought him home last week. Other days, it feels like I have always had my baby. In the last month - our whole entire life has COMPLETELY CHANGED. I love it.

I have a few more little entries to come... but, I am super tired. For next time:

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