Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stats at "37" Weeks

Here are this weeks numbers: Some I am quite pleased with...Others could be different, and I would be very happy.

Fetal Age: 36 weeks, 4 days. (I lied last week.... I somehow misplaced a week of pregnancy. I was only 35weeks and 4 days. That was a bummer to realize!)
Total Weight Gained: 26 pounds. Yes, baby had a growth spurt, and I somehow managed to gain three pounds. (Last night for dinner we had turkey burgers, broccoli and rice with pine nuts...here is to NOT gaining anymore weight. Thank you Carol, for dinner!)
What's the tummy measuring: 37.5 cm. Notice the change from last week?? HUGE.
Dilation: I am a 3 now...not 4 cm. That is okay. It happens. It is very common.
Station: Somewhere just under a -2. Last week when she checked me, she said "I can feel the baby's head, no problems. But, the baby is still able to squirm around, and he moved up when I press on him." This week was a different story. She was still able to touch him with no problems; however, he wasn't able to move back up at all. He stayed in position. Which means what?? He is in position - ready to meet Mommy and Daddy.
Effacing: STILL 50%. No biggie. This will come with time.

GREAT NEWS: We set an induction date. If Little Boy doesn't make his own grand entrance, we will have him here May 18th. At my next appointment on May 11th, we will decide if I am going to go in on Monday, May 17th evening or early on Tuesday, May 18th Morning. Yea for the little boy getting ready to be here.

I got very nervous at this appointment. Cullen got very excited... what a role reversal!

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  1. I'm so jealous of you at this point I will probably cry! I'm only 6 weeks behind you. In baby age 6 weeks is nothing! Our kids will be in the same grade. But, in pregnancy 6 weeks is everything and I feel like I'm falling apart at the seams. Beyond that, I'm so happy for you and Cullen to finally meet little boy!