Friday, July 2, 2010

Where is Noah?

I was just noticing - there are not many pictures of Baby Bug on the blog. That surprises me since I take so many.
I was looking through my phone (where I take most of my pictures) and finally transferred some of the pictures to the computer... I thought I would share.
Also, at some point in July, both sets of parents are venturing out of the Country for work or vacation. Since they cannot see much of Noah when they are traveling, I decided to post a picture of Noah everyday during July. Bedo/CoCo, PaPa/Nana, I hope you enjoy!
Getting an IV draw for his (third attempt) at a Newborn Screen Test.

Sleeping in his car seat. (He does this A LOT!)

Hello Chins!!

Week Four - He is learning to smile at Mommy and Daddy... not just because he had to pass gas!

He LOVES his middle finger.

Exhibit #2 - the Middle Finger.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of Noah. He was stretching after being fed in his car seat. He looks like a little baby bird.

Stretching out before getting his diaper changed.

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