Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chapter 2: A NEW Fairy Tale Story

Before you begin reading, reread Chapter One: A Fairy Tale Story.

Recently, I wrote about our new house and how excited I am to move in. What I didn't write about was the few apprehensions I am having regarding our move. No, it is not the move itself (which I am slightly dreading with a 9 week old baby); No, it is not the stress that will be brought on by the overwhelming amount of things I will be balancing on my proverbial plate. It is the idea of not knowing what is in store for me regarding our insect problem. If you know me at all, you know I am indescribably afraid of lizards. If you do not know me, read HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I was so lucky in this rent house. There are absolutely zero lizards that hang out on the property. I check every time I am outside. I am neurotic. AND, much like someone with OCD, I compulsively behave in the same repetitive manor. If I go out front, I check about 6 different corners. When they are all clear, I feel safe to walk into the house. I do the same crazy behaviors when I go out back too. YES I AM CRAZY. However, in the year-plus we have been living here, I have yet to find a single gecko. This makes me so happy. This has become predictable. I feel safe walking outside without shoes on, without a can of Raid in my hand, without carrying my cellphone in case I have to make an emergency call to Cullen to open the front door. That is where the problem lies...

In the new house, I will not have the predictability. I will not know if we will have lizard problems. I do not know my fate. I pray to God. I pray for many things, many people. I pray for my family, my friends, my enemies. I am guilty; I pray for material things. I am also selfish; I pray that Cullen, Noah, the dogs and I are the ONLY living creatures that dwell at the new house. Dear God: Please do not let those damned lizards come to live at our new home. I have so much LOVED being lizard-free in this house. Amen.

If you are counting: we close on the house in 23 days.

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