Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Does This Bumbo Make Me Look Fat?

Noah is getting so good at holding his head up. No help. He has been perfecting this skill for quite some time. He could lift his head on his own around 3 weeks old...but to really keep it up without assistance, he perfected that this week. And, so it became time to try the Bumbo.

My good friend, Jenny, let Noah borrow her Bumbo from when her precious children were infants. When I got home from her house today, I put Noah in the Bumbo to see how he would do. He LOVED it. LOVVED IT. But, had a hard time squeezing those thighs into the leg holes. Once he got them in there, it was LOVE. How cute is he??

What I learned, is Noah still may need a little neck support. It is hard work balancing in a new chair AND keeping that head up. So, for your viewing pleasure (drum roll please.............) The Baby Bumbo Bobble Head:


  1. He reminds me of Will Farrell playing Harry Carey...just waiting for him to yell "HEY! If you were a hotdog..."
    He's perfect, getting BIG! I can't wait to see him. Tell him to stop growing so fast, I'm not ready....

  2. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to post a video like that. So cute. SO funny. Love him and can't wait to see him this weekend! Oh, and you, too, I suppose...

  3. That's hilarious! I love it! :) What a big boy!!