Monday, August 9, 2010

Rolling, Rolling...

Noah is trying so hard to roll over. He makes the funniest faces when he tries to roll over. I laugh so hard at his effort. OH, I love him.
He figured it out though. Lots of effort sure paid off...Oh darn that shoulder for getting in the way!! It is the same routine every time. He kicks his feet up and pushes them to the side; he rolls over onto his side - stuck. He gets stuck on that shoulder and can't roll over....

...But, guess who figured it out!! Now, there is no stopping him. He rolls over. He lifts his head up and giggles, as if he knows what he just accomplished! He is so proud of himself (and so is his mommy!)


  1. So exciting and cute:) I loved see ya'll this weekend! And thanks for my Monday morning definitely started my day off with a smile!

  2. I think it's less about the shoulder and more about figuring out what to do with those chubby arms :)