Monday, August 2, 2010

Year 26

This weekend was so wonderful. I spent the first part of the weekend unpacking. Woo. We are making a dent finally! The second half of the weekend, we went to Austin to celebrate the birthday. My mom cooked a big fajita dinner for the family, we swam in the pool and just had a great time. We ended the night with gift opening and carrot cake! How can you go wrong with carrot cake!!?! Sunday, we went on The Tappan's boat with the Tappan Family and Sara (my old co-workers). I am burned... I do not mind, red is a nice change of pace from pasty, which is the color I have been sporting since last September (when I found out I was pregnant!)

Yep, it's true. Yesterday, I turned 26. Wow, I am officially closer to 30 than 20. Gosh. That thought is a little troubling. But, look at my life up to my 26th birthday:
  • I proudly hold an undergraduate and Master's degree, and actually use them in my career.
  • I married the man of my dreams, and had his baby.
  • I own my dream home... that still needs to be unpacked. :)
  • I have a family that I am so thankful for. I can lean on them for anything.
  • I couldn't be more appreciative and I couldn't love Cullen's family more. I am so lucky to have the in-laws that I do.
I could go on about how happy I am with my life. Instead, I will just live my life and be thankful for what I have everyday.

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  1. SO SORRY that this is late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY 26 year old! I love your blog and your posts, Momma!