Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go North Texas, Go North Texas. Go! Go!

If any of you watched the UNT game this weekend... it was ugly. Last weekend, it was no different. It was hot, miserably hot, in fact. The ONLY good side to the game is that we got to FINALLY meet little Tyler Beck! How cute is he??

Look at those sad little cheeks. They stayed a nice shade of BRIGHT RED the whole time we were outside tailgating, or at the game!
Brittany and I staged a photo opportunity, switched babies - and voila. what a cute picture. When we first arrived, a few people mentioned they thought Noah was bigger than Tyler... which is not good. He too, is a big baby, and 3 months older. Luckily, he was several pounds heavier!! :) I was a little nervous.
After half time, Brittany and I decided to leave and get the babies bathed and to bed. It was just too hot for them outside. After bath time, the little ones were able to play together for a little while! How cute are they?!!? Next football season is going to be so fun. They will both be walking and really interacting!!

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  1. Too Cute!! They look alike! :)

    By the way...Go Black Knights! :)