Friday, September 10, 2010

UNT Here We Come!!

THE weekend is finally here. This IS the weekend we have been waiting on since last football season. Last year, Cullen and I went to a UNT Football game in September. I knew I was pregnant. It was our little secret!! The next time we went to the UNT Football game, for homecoming, we blabbed and told our friends Rusty and Brittany (who were also expecting!!) We were talking about exciting THIS season was going to be - all of us having little babies!! As it turned out, we both had little boys...and, so did so many other of our friends who played football with Cullen and Rusty.

I am so excited that THIS weekend is here. We are ready to meet baby Tyler. We are ready to show off our little Noah!!

...I can already feel it. I can already see the Denton city lights. My little piece of Heaven. I will see you soon, Denton, Texas. It has been far too long!

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