Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Weird Quirky Face and a Blog Of My Current To-Do Lists

I love meeting new people. I love people. I started hanging out with a new friend last February. Last February, I found out that I have so much in common with my new friend. In fact, it was scary how much I had in common with my friend. It was the little things... a bone-crushing need to be in control of the situation, the love of family, passion for children and the absolute need for to-do lists. Let's delve further into these to-do lists.

My friend told me that sometimes she puts things on her to-do list and immediately scratches them off, because she has already done them today. It makes her feel like she has really accomplished something. Crazy right??

Quirky fact: I DO THIS EXACT THING. This was music to my ears. I knew at this moment in our budding little relationship, that we would be great friends.

December is a month that only functions in lists. Fact. Isn't the month of December (the holiday season) counted by days in Advent, Lists of Christmas cards, Lists of gifts that need to be purchased, and lists of places to be - when??? My life is no different. Here is my (so far) list for December:
  • This weekend: Training in Austin. Put up Christmas lights. Decorate the house. Convince Noah to let me wrap him in Christmas paper like a present and take pictures under the tree.... doubtful.
  • Next weekend: Junior Service League's Breakfast With Santa at Harker Heights' Event Center at 7:30 a.m. (Side Note: Santa is going to be there, if you want to bring your kids out!) Christmas with the Mills' side of the family. Always fun. Which reminds me... I need a separate list started: Gifts, and food.
  • Week of December 13-17: Wrap school up for the semester, Wrap up Bible Study, Noah has a doctor's appointment, pack up the house for vacation. Pack for vacation.
  • December 17 - 22: Jamaica! Jamaican me Crazy!! I am so excited. SOOOO Excited. (which means, I need to be completely finished with Christmas shopping before then. YIKES)
  • Best Friend is in town December 24.
  • Christmas with Dad's extended family.
  • Christmas with my immediate family.
  • Christmas with Cullen's immediate family.
  • Christmas with my mom's extended family.

  • Breath..........

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  1. I did this more than once this past weekend. And when B tried to check things off, I got a little emotional. Except, he reminded me that it was "our" to-do list, so we need to share the joy of the cross-off...