Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dimples.... Not the Kind God Makes.

Ah, Dimples. You know, those cute things on your face – just in the perfect spot to put your finger to and sing. (Think Annie, the musical). If you are so lucky to have them, Thank God. God made these dimples…well, God and your parents.

If you are Cullen Mills, or a direct descendent from Cullen Mills, you get your dimples otherwise. Nope… I am not talking about the dimples on your bottom (which are only cute if you are in diapers). I am talking about man-made dimples.

Cullen has told me a story about how he got the dimples on his face. I know what you are thinking… “Uh… wasn’t he born with them??” Go with me here. He has a beautiful smile. When he smiles, genuinely smiles, he has two perfectly symmetric dimples; one on each side of his sweet little face. Cullen told me when he was little, he and his brother were chasing each other around the house. Cullen being mischievous, antagonized Courtney – to which his response was to slam a door right into Cullen’s face, leaving a permanent dent (ala the dimple). Now, logic would tell you that it is NOT possible to create a permanent dent, (exactly symmetrical with the other side’s dimple (that was created by God)) in your face without some serious damage done. Cullen would argue otherwise.

Let me clarify…he will argue to the death about this dimple. He will tell you that it IS a dent. I swear. (Do you hear the HUGE sigh and eye roll from me??) Let’s fast forward 20+ years.

Yesterday morning, Noah was playing perfectly in our room, as he does every morning while we get ready. I am in the bathroom rolling my hair. Cullen is playing with Noah (because that is so much more fun than actually getting ready), when out of the blue I hear a huge THUMP, and a pretty loud yell…. Then Noah yelled. Noah, who has recently learned to sit steady on his own, fell over – right onto the ear of his hard, plastic tiger.

Guess what??!?!? IT PUT A MINI-DENT IN THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD???!?!!!!!! I swooped in, calmly, to play Mommy. Cullen went to iron his pants while I tended to Noah. It immediately turned red, and became raised - around a dent, created from the tiger’s ear - but it didn’t seem to bother him; he only fussed for a second.

I tried to contain myself. I couldn’t. I knew it was coming. I felt it rise up. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. I knew a cheeky comment was coming……………”Oh My God, Cullen. Noah has his first dimple!!!”

Cullen was none to pleased with my sassiness. He said a few expletives and took Noah to school. When I went to pick up the Stinker after school yesterday, I’ll be darned if he still had a dent in the side of his head.

Moral of the story: Maybe there really are two kids of dimples. God-made dimples and man-made dimples. Who knew? (Well, three kinds – if you count the ones on your tush, too.)

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  1. Cutest story ever. But, did you really just post that without a picture of the new dimple? I mean, we're dying out here.

    Love always,