Thursday, December 9, 2010

Picture Heavy Posting

Recently I have recorded some great pictures -or moments- in Noah's life. I decided instead of writing a super long post, like yesterday's dimple story, I would show you how fun our life is via pictures.
Noah has found a friend in the mirror. What I love, is that Noah is equally excited every time he sees his friend in the mirror. Each time, he throws his hands up, cheering in excitement. He likes to kiss and play "slap-hands" with the baby in the mirror. He would play for hours if we let him.
He has also been spending more quality time with his Papa. Papa thinks it is VERY fun to feed Noah ANYTHING. Noah is especially fond of ice cream from Papa. No matter how much Noah's momma disagrees with it, Noah and Papa blow off Momma and have fun - you know, man time!
And, then there are the moments that are so special to me. Kisses on the cheek while he holds my face. this is his usual way of hugging and kissing. It melts my heart every time he does it. I don't know that I will ever get tired of baby kisses.
We are also learning to crawl. He an scootch backwards - and he can get anywhere! BUT, scooting forward is a whole new ball game. Doesn't the look on his face scream, "Hey, I think I got the hang of this."
Reading with Mommy. We are reading one of my most favorite books, I Love You Forever.
Noah met his new cousin, Aubrey over Thanksgiving. Lovingly, he smacked her, right in her beautiful, perfect little face almost immediately after meeting her. (typical boy!) This is a close up of Baby Aubrey. Isn't she sweet!
Over Thanksgiving, Noah had a HORRIBLE ear infection. As a part of his ear infection, he would not let me go anywhere without him touching me....well, Momma needed to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. So, what did I do?? Put him in the sink and let him play.

Since thanksgiving, he also can sit all by himself. WHAT A BIG BOY! This is now his preferred way of being. Sitting up.
More mommy time. This is something I will forever cherish. No matter how old he gets.
More time with his friend in the mirror. More kisses.
This baby was none-to-happy that I made him wear Christmas outfits! However... maybe it was just THIS outfit. Because, look at the next picture....
He is happy as can be here.
BTW: Noah and the puppies are finally friends. Brodie and Millie have finally given in. They have accepted that he is here to stay.
One last one. We needed to make the bed... where else can you put the baby while you are making a bed?? Yep, on top of all the comforters and too many pillows, inside the pack n' play!
Life is pretty good right now for The Mills' family. But, when you have a baby this cute, it is hard to not be happy all the time!

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  1. Dang, I love this kid. I especially love that he closes his eyes when he kisses his "friend" in the mirror. A-DOR-A-BLE!!