Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Grown Up Little Boy

There is a little Fisher Price picnic table at Noah's daycare. Since I have gone to Mrs. Brenda's, there is always a child sitting at the table in attachable chairs, eating snacks. Noah, undoubtedly is laying on the floor, playing with toys while everyone else enjoys their snacks...let's face it, sitting at a table when you have no teeth and don't eat real food must be terrible awful.

WELL, yesterday, when I went to pick him up, he was sitting at the table, like a real baby boy. Just bangin away on the top of the table. I hardly recognized him - one because I wasn't expecting him to be at the table when I walked in, and two, because he looked so grown up!

I must admit, I got teary-eyed. Bittersweet. My baby is growing up. Sitting like a little boy, not like a baby. Eating (gnawing) on real food. So bittersweet.

...He'll be driving next week, it feels like.

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