Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In early January, we pooled a date of when we thought Noah would REALLY crawl. Most of the family thought it would FOR SURE be no later than January 11th. BOY WERE WE WRONG. The further and further we were removed from early January, and with the speed and which Noah could army-crawl, I just knew that Noah was going to be one of those dear little ones that didn't crawl. He was going to go straight from army-crawling to walking. And, why not? He does everything else at his own pace....

It is now February 2nd, and Noah is OFFICIALLY crawling. Our friends Kenny and Taylor came over this evening, and Noah crawled to get Kenny's phone. They went back and forth for what seemed like forever.

I am such a happy, and proud momma. This little boy melted my heart.


  1. I love it!!! Andrew finally rolled. Look at our BIG BOYS!!!!

  2. Go Noah! I love that you called it "Noahland." :)