Sunday, May 22, 2011

It Has Been A While.. Which Means - LOTS of Pictures.

You know, it has been far too long for a blog post. There is so much to blog about, that I get overwhelmed... and well, quit. I post a picture and move on....

WELL, my friends, this blog will have writing, AND pictures.

Since I last blogged, my little infant turned into a toddler.
He turned ONE. It is so hard to believe he used to be so little! We took Noah to a Ranger's game for his birthday. SO much fun! While I did have a few minor meltdowns the actual day of his birthday, {thanks, Jenny for dealing with me} I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy {and fun} having a one year old really is! In the last few days, literally, two or three days, he has gone from walking a few steps to walking almost full time. He has gone from making mindless noise to mimic-ing Cullen and I. He sticks his tongue out ALL of the time. He can give kisses, make kissing noise and blow kisses. He attacks you with hugs and kisses. He giggles. He belly laughs. Nothing is better than a baby belly laugh. He LOVES to be outside... ...especially when there is something to do with Dad, like mow the yard, water the plants or rake. Afterall, he things his Daddy hung the moon.
And, much like is Papa, he loves being naked. NOTHING makes him more angry than to put on clothes. It causes me to break out in a sweat fighting him to put clothes on sometimes. He loves being with people, especially his BFF, Kylie.
He is eating real food all the time. He is drinking milk, not formula.
Since I last blogged my little infant turned into a toddler.

In the land of Cullen and Erin, not a whole lot is new or exciting.
Cullen is busy making the outside of our house beautiful. He plants trees, plots where the next something is going to go in our yard. I love him for that... as I walk outside, and have zero vision.

I am busy making the inside of our house functional. I am currently in the middle of a pantry overhaul. Boring, yet, so exciting! I try to throw in decor every now and then....but really, I just make sure the house is functional. This summer, Noah and I are going to spend our days really making our house a home {it's been almost a year since we moved in.... it is about time we really start unpacking those last boxes!!}

School is done in 7.5 days. I know that I shouldn't be excited about that. I am going to miss my students terribly, but I sure am excited to know what this summer has in store for Noah and I. Aahhh.....the memories that will ensue.

Cullen and I have the annual Elliott {Mills'} family reunion next weekend. I am so excited. Often, it is how I measure how long Cullen and I have been together. Gosh, it is so hard to believe, but this will be my 7th family reunion to go to. We started dating in 2003 - and I skipped out on the first one; we had only been dating for a few months at that point. Along with attending this year, I helped Cullen's mom and aunt plan it - no pressure for it to be great. It is in Austin this year. Given that I am from Austin, and haven't ever done the toursity side of life, it is going to be so fun to experience Austin like an out-of-towner.

I have a terribly long to-do list for the summer. I am so excited to post it, and continue to mark things off!

Noah is asleep, so, I need to get my beauty rest also. Until next time, stay beautiful.


  1. What a year! I love this update/looking back post. Much love from the Durbins to the Millses.

  2. Love the rolls on your sweet boy!! Glad you posted!