Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since May 12, 2010, everyone, I repeat EVERYONE has taken one look at Noah and said, "Wow. He looks just like a Mills." I didn't see it. It has gone so far as a stranger (to me) stop me in public and ask if Noah was Billy Mills' grand son.

When I looked at my precious baby, I saw just that...a precious baby. I didn't think he looked like me or Cullen. I saw the personality traits: Cullen's calm side - my quirkiness. He flares his nose like I do. He goes with the flow like his daddy. BUT, I definitely didn't think he favored either one of us.

However, the other day, I made time stand still. I took a picture of Noah and saw baby pictures of Cullen flash in my head. It is true. Noah looks just like a Mills. He looks just like his daddy. It's a good thing his Daddy is so cute!


  1. Since birth, I have said that child looks like a Stafford. Even after this post...I'm still holding strong to that. :)

  2. That's Dustin in the background of the bottom picture of Cullen. They used to be quite the trouble-making duo, from what I understand.

    And, yes. That is a Mills baby.