Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need A Good Laugh?

Father's Day was this weekend. We spent the whole day just spending time together. We went to church, lunch with friends, and played at the water park!

{Let's go back to lunch......}

We went to lunch with a friend of mine's family. They are a wonderful family - whom I have come to love being a part of our lives. Pause - I am not sure if you know this, but I don't have the best hearing. Often, if you don't have my full attention, including my eyes, I won't hear you... - Unpause.

Noah was sitting between Cullen and I at Old Chicago. Cullen was feeding Noah lunch, while eating his lunch - which is often problematic because Noah eats at warp speed and if you aren't fast enough for him, he will fuss to let you know to speed it up. Well, I take a bite of my food, looking away from Noah, while digging in his bag. I hear him make a fussy noise so I look up and see Cullen's eyes closed at the table.

I knew he told me he was tired, but c'mon.....napping at the lunch table - while with company. How is that possible??? Instantly, I am so embarrassed for him. So, dumbfounded and quickly annoyed, I say loud enough to wake him, "Are you seriously sleeping at the table??" Only for him to look up at me and patiently say, "No, we're praying."

I felt like such a dumb-ass. Yep, I look around and everyone has their heads bowed....

Nice work, Mrs. Mills. Nice work.

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  1. Thata girl, Erin! Dustin says (semi-jokingly) that I've gotten remarkably dumber since I got pregnant last year. Sounds like it may be a trend with new moms!